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Simultaneous Interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter speaks almost at the same time as the source-language speaker, using interpreting (SIS) equipment in or outside a booth. In some cases, the interpreter may translate in low voice while sitting to do a small group of audience (chuchotage).

Consecutive Interpreting

For smaller forums where the SIS equipment is usually hard to install, consecutive interpretation might do the trick. The source-language speaker will make brief pauses after few sentences to allow the interpreter to interpret what has been said.

Community Interpreting (Field Interpreting)

Interpreting used in community-based settings and situations. in communities with greater numbers of LEP speakers, community interpreting brings language access to populations experiencing language barriers with public services.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

RSI is a online telecommunication service that uses devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide spoken language interpreting services. RSI is very flexible for those of you need separate interpreter services between countries or continent, especially in this new normal era.

Interpreting Booth (ISO Standard)

We are aware that a comfortable booth is very important dor the interpreter’s work needs. We always provide the best equipment in the field, one of which is a booth that meets ISO 4043: 2016 standards