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Language barriers used to be a problem in getting more effective and efficient communication, but not anymore in this era. CMM as a language service provider exists to provide services for better communication across nations. Their positive role can increase cooperation between countries, thus allowing us to broaden the chance of supporting growth that can positively impact the country.

Apart from that, CMM as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) plays a role in the economic sector. One of our roles is to support the government in providing jobs for those who have the skills. In addition, CMM also contributes to the education sector, which impacts improving the quality of human resources. Providing an internship program is one of the ways that CMM is taking to implement the role.


An internship is a real work experience in a company or organization offered for a short period. Through this program, interns will be given a chance to perceive and experience the work environment. Interns will spend their time working on relevant projects, learn about the field, make industry connections, and develop both hard and soft skills. Sometimes, the internship program can even be an opportunity for companies to find new employee candidates.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities – the English Language and Culture Study Program of Universitas Bunda Mulia (UBM), CMM allows students to have the internship experience. UBM is an educational institution under the auspices of the Bunda Mulia Education Foundation, which has been successfully active for 34 years in the field of education in Indonesia. With the tagline “Bridging Education to The Real World,” one of UBM’s missions is to produce ready-to-use graduates with high competence and competitiveness in their respective scientific fields, which an internship program can support. Besides providing work experience, the internship program will also lead students to be better prepared before starting their careers. We hope that through this collaboration, we can grow better together and contribute to education and the improvement of human resources in Indonesia.